Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grand re-opening is Sunday, June 5th!

And it will be a HOT one! 80F and sunny. Fabulous! I'm looking forward to pulling out all the stops this year and having the best season ever. I have lots of new toys and tricks to improve the booth and I can't wait for all my wonderful customers from last year to see it.

But my heart and soul is still in the food.. That's what really counts here, right? Well, you can look forward to a menu that has all the tasty staples of last year, plus a new feature: the crepe of the week. This will give me, the chef, some flexibility to be creative. I heard some tasty suggestions last year, and many ideas of my own for new flavors. Some were: goat cheese, figs, honey, and nuts. I can tell you right now I'd love a crepe with ALL 4 of those ingredients. Maybe we'll try it someday? As for now, this is the working draft:

Sweet crepes

Sugar 4

+crepe of the week

Nutella 5

coco banane 6

rose strawberry 6

Orange Marmelade 5

sugar + fruit 5

strawberry citron 6

Savory crepes

turkey/feta/spinach/onion 6

+crepe of the week

veggie 5

ham/cheese 5

What do you think? Are there any flavors that you want to see on our menu?


  1. Hey, I am super excited for your new crepe season! I would like more info on this Pedalpalooza please because it is so close to our new place we could actually pedal there to visit you, so we need details!

  2. Hi Rina, I'm really excited for that particular event too!
    The website has info regarding the ride at 7pm:

    I will be set up at SE Salmon and Water Ave at 5:30 until 9:30pm or we run out of batter.

  3. Rina... I mean... Katrina :) I forgot this nickname was you!